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We believe there are three inter-dependent, yet quite distinct elements of corporate strategy – Strategic Thinking, Strategic Development and Strategic Planning.
Strategic Thinking

The creative, inductive, disruptive scanning and generation of strategic options.

Strategic Development

Assessing and examining options, making decisions and setting a destination

Strategic Planning

Planning the implementation and execution of strategy, based on measurable actions

Board Relevance

A high performing board has many touch points in discharging its oversight of strategy across the above elements.

Increasingly, the typical role of the board in strategy is becoming less formulaic, not calendar driven and takes the form of a regular dialogue among the board and the broader group of executives.

Many boards spend 70% of their time on regulatory and compliance issues and between only 10-30% of time on strategy and culture.

Performance oriented boards seek to balance this disproportionate focus, recognising that corporate strategy is central to the performance of the board and the board is critical to a successful organisational strategy.

Board Performance

The core of the Blackhall & Pearl Board Performance Model is based on the distinct strategy of the organisation and the particular objectives of the board in question.

Every element of the board's performance criteria is related and reconciled to the strategic goals and requirements of the organisation.

Many board review processes seek to compare the board to various external benchmarks - whilst this approach can provide a certain level of insight when undertaken appropriately, it can also become a comparison to the ordinary and, at worst, a misleading exercise in futility.

We incorporate relevant external benchmarking with what we consider to be the most meaningful practice marker - the board's goals in relation to the organisation's corporate strategy.